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Key challenge of Russia-Ukraine is overcoming ground-based air defence – UK intelligence

Sunday, 3 December 2023, 11:03
Key challenge of Russia-Ukraine is overcoming ground-based air defence – UK intelligence
stock photo: General Staff

UK Defence Intelligence emphasises that efforts to defeat ground-based air defence systems remain one of the most important confrontations in the Russian war against Ukraine.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review on Twitter dated 3 December, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The ministry pointed out that the Tor short-range anti-aircraft missile system is essential to the Russian Federation's forces. It is intended to safeguard the front lines of the ground forces and is currently in use by the Russian army's air defence units.


On the other hand, command posts, longer-range air defence systems and Russian air bases are typically safeguarded by Pantsir air defence systems.

The Tor air defence system is currently being used very actively by the Russians to thwart Ukrainian drones. In fact, this system serves as the front line of the Russian occupation forces' air defence system in Ukraine.

UK Defence Intelligence indicates that one of the key limitations of the Tor air defence system in Russia’s war against Ukraine is probably the resilience of its crew.

"With an established allocation of only three personnel to each system, maintaining a high state of alert for extended periods is highly likely proving an extreme test of endurance."

In an earlier review, the UK Defence Intelligence discussed how the Kremlin is trying to contain protests by the mothers and wives of those mobilised.

Meanwhile, Estonian intelligence believes that Russia's 2024 budget will allow it to withstand the current intensity of hostilities in the war against Ukraine.

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