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US invests US$27 billion in weapons production for Ukraine

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 06:58
US invests US$27 billion in weapons production for Ukraine

The US has invested tens of billions of dollars in its own defence industry to produce the weapons that are critical for Ukraine.

Source: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Wednesday during a speech at Ukraine's Defence Industrial Base Conference; Ukrinform news agency 

Quote: "We have already invested around US$27 billion across more than 35 states for contracts to produce critical capabilities for Ukraine, including lifesaving air-defence systems, munitions, tactical vehicles, and other equipment."


Details: He expressed hope that Congress would soon approve President Biden's request for immediate funding for US national security needs, which includes, among other things, additional tens of billions of US dollars. Most of this will be implemented through the American industrial base.

Austin also noted that this additional aid money will return through investment in US jobs, "And all of this money will come right back to us through investments in American security. At the same time, we must expand Ukraine's capacity to sustain the many different systems and platforms being provided by allies and partners around the world".

Meanwhile, he emphasised the need for the US to continue working with allies and partners to help Ukraine fight back against the Russian aggressor. He said this means strengthening Ukraine’s defence and industrial base now to support the Armed Forces’ current struggle, as well as reinforcing its defence potential for the future.


  • The White House announced on 6 December the strengthening of cooperation between the US and Ukrainian defence industrial bases and joint weapons production.

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