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White House launches joint weapons production with Ukraine

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 04:26
White House launches joint weapons production with Ukraine

The White House has announced the strengthening of cooperation between the US and Ukrainian defence industrial bases and joint weapons production.

Source: White House statement

Details: The United States and Ukraine have signed a Statement of Intent on Co-production and Technical Data Exchange that will work to meet the Ukraine’s Armed Forces urgent operational needs.


Production will cover the areas of air defence systems, repair and sustainment, and production of critical munitions.

The White House believes this will strengthen cooperation between the United States and Ukraine and facilitate quicker passage of investment deals through the systems.

Quote: "Today, on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day, the United States government hosted the first day of the U.S.-Ukraine Defense Industrial Base Conference at the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. The conference convened around 350 U.S., Ukrainian, and European industry and government representatives to focus on significantly increasing weapons production to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom against Russian aggression, and strengthen Ukraine’s long term self-defence."

More details: As the statement noted, the US and Ukrainian governments are jointly seeking to develop a strong Ukrainian defence and industrial base that would be self-supporting and contribute to Ukraine's long-term security and economic success.

The conference’s initial results focused on the first steps: formalising relations, and dialogue between industry and government partners.

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