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Biden ready to make "significant concessions" to Republicans to help Ukraine – Reuters

Friday, 8 December 2023, 00:59
Biden ready to make significant concessions to Republicans to help Ukraine – Reuters

The Biden administration is considering making concessions to Republicans in the Senate and supporting a US border security clause in the bill on additional funding to provide new assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

Source: Reuters with reference to a source familiar with the discussions

Details: A week before lawmakers leave for the Christmas break, the White House and Congress are trying to conclude an agreement that would provide military assistance to the two allied countries and, at the same time, curb illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border.


The Republicans have refused to approve additional funding for Ukraine without measures to reduce the record number of migrants trying to cross the US border illegally. This has led to complex negotiations that combined these unrelated issues.

President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he was ready to make significant concessions on border security.

A source told reporters that the White House supported raising standards for asylum applications.

The Biden administration will also consider some "safe third country" provision that would deny asylum to migrants passing through that country on their way to the United States.

Another possible point of agreement may be to expand the rapid deportation process. This would operate throughout the country instead of at the border.

According to the source, a bipartisan group of senators trying to reach an agreement is also discussing quantitative limits on asylum requests. The Biden administration's position on such a limit remains unclear.

White House spokesman Angelo Fernandez Hernandez said the president is open to compromise.

The House of Representatives plans to complete its work by 14 December.

Background: On 6 December, the draft law on assisting Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan failed to pass a procedural vote in the US Senate. 

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