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Ukrainians in Finland protest against refusal to extradite Russian militant

Friday, 8 December 2023, 23:17
Ukrainians in Finland protest against refusal to extradite Russian militant
Photo: YLE

About 20 representatives of the Ukrainian community in Finland came to the country's Ministry of Justice on 8 December, protesting against its refusal to extradite Russian militant Yan Petrovsky.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Yle

Details: The Ukrainian community in Finland organised the protest and encouraged other Ukrainians to rally against the release of the war criminal. Some of those present held Ukrainian flags.



  • According to the Ukrainian investigation, in 2014 Petrovsky together with the terrorists of the Luhansk People’s Republic [LPR is a self-proclaimed and non-recognized Russia-controlled quasi-state formation – ed.] fought against Ukraine in the so-called Sabotage and Assault Reconnaissance Group Rusich. He was added to the sanctions list by the EU and the US for the actions which threatened the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.
  • Petrovsky entered Finland thanks to his new name and his wife's admission to a Finnish university.
  • On 8 December, the Supreme Court decided that Petrovsky could not be extradited due to the conditions in Ukrainian prisons. After being released from custody, Petrovsky was detained by Finnish border guards who will likely expel him from the country.
  • The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine said that it will continue demanding the extradition of the Russian militant.

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