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Shahed drone debris hit high-rise building in Odesa, killing one person – photo

Monday, 1 January 2024, 03:15
Shahed drone debris hit high-rise building in Odesa, killing one person – photo
Odesa. Stock photo: Getty Images

A high-rise building caught fire due to falling wreckage on the night of 31 December-1 January. As a result, one person has been killed.

Source: Dumska, local media in Odesa; Oleh Kiper, Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration

Details: Local journalists said rescue workers had been extinguishing the fire at the scene.

A fire in Odesa on New Year's night due to a hit by a Shahed drone

Updated at 02:00: Kiper reported that, as a result of the Russian attack, one person has been killed and several residents of the damaged buildings have been injured. Their number is being established.

He reported that strikes were recorded by drone debris. Fires broke out in residential buildings in different areas of the city.

Air defence systems had been responding.

All relevant services had been working at the scene.

Updated at 03:12: Kiper clarified that direct and shrapnel hits on residential buildings in Odesa were recorded as a result of the Russian terrorist drone attack.

In addition to the one person killed, three others have been injured and taken to hospital.

He also added that the rescue workers had contained the fires. Operational assistance was provided at the scene and all relevant services had been working.

Updated at 03:48: Kiper said a total of nine people have been injured as a result of the Russian attack. One of them was killed, and three were taken to hospital.

All others received medical help at the scene.

Background: As of the evening of 31 December, several dozen Russian attack drones were in Ukrainian airspace. 

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