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Zelenskyy and his team will never agree to frozen conflict – official

Sunday, 14 January 2024, 21:50
Andrii Yermak, head of Ukrainian President’s Office. Photo: Ukraine's President's Office
Andrii Yermak, head of Ukrainian President’s Office. Photo: Ukraine's President's Office

The current government of Ukraine will not agree to freeze the war and will keep the course for further liberation of the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Source: Andrii Yermak, head of Ukrainian President’s Office, speaking in Davos on the results of discussions on the Ukrainian Peace Formula, as reported by Radio Liberty 

Quote: "This president and his team will never agree and will not accept any freezing of the conflict. This is unacceptable by Ukrainian society... Ukraine does not need frozen conflicts. Ukraine needs a just peace. And Ukraine wants to prevent any potential aggression in the future and uses this opportunity."


Details: Summing up the results of the fourth round of negotiations on the Ukrainian plan for ending the war, which brought together over 80 countries and organisations from Europe, Asia, the Global South, the Head of the President's Office noted that all participants had a common vision of the general principles of the peace formula relating to the independence, territorial integrity of Ukraine and the UN Charter. Regarding the details of the plan, Yermak noted that "it would be a lie if I said that all positions are absolutely the same."

"It is important that all the countries that are involved really and frankly want to take part and help end this war and establish peace. But there are different opinions and ideas on how this can be done. Different countries have different experiences... And this is good, because the universal formula and plan is a combination of different positions and efforts, but, again, based on the main principles on which international law and the UN Charter are based," the official said.

Yermak also assured that Ukraine's partners do not push it to territorial concessions.

"Partners already know us and our position, and respect it... I have participated in virtually all high-level meetings, including of leaders, and have never heard any of our partners discuss any compromise on our part that is unacceptable to us – including the issue of Crimea," he concluded.

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