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Russians destroy street in village in Voronezh Oblast with their own missile – video

Tuesday, 2 January 2024, 10:08
Russians destroy street in village in Voronezh Oblast with their own missile – video
Photo: Telegram channel

A loud and powerful explosion has damaged a street in the village of Petropavlovka (Voronezh Oblast, Russia), and local residents are reporting that it was due to a missile falling.

Source: Astra and Baza, independent Russian Telegram channels 

Details: A video showing a crater caused by the explosion has been posted online and a strike on the village of Petropavlovka was reported at around 09:00. It is not specified what exactly hit the settlement, what caused the explosion, or whether there were any casualties.


One of the local residents in the video said that the explosion had destroyed an entire street. He said that a missile fell.

The village of Petropavlovka is located near the border with Ukraine.


Update: Alexander Gusev, the governor of Voronezh Oblast, reported that there was an "accidental explosion" of a Russian munition in Ostrogozhsk district, where Petropavlovka is located. According to him, there were no casualties, and seven family homes were damaged. "Special agencies" are working at the scene.

He did not specify what kind of munition fell.


  • Russian forces carried out a missile attack on Kyiv and Kharkiv. Air-raid warnings were issued across the country. 
  • On 30 December, explosions rocked Belgorod, Russia, and debris fell in the city centre after Russian air defence was activated. A source in the security services told Ukrainska Pravda that the Defence Forces had targeted Russian military facilities in Belgorod Oblast, but due to "unprofessional actions by air defence" and "planned provocations", the debris fell in the city centre.

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