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Trypillia Thermal Power Plant utterly destroyed in Russian attack

Thursday, 11 April 2024, 11:28
Trypillia Thermal Power Plant utterly destroyed in Russian attack
Trypillia Thermal Power Plant on fire on 11 April. Screenshot: video on Telegram

The Trypillia Thermal Power Plant (TPP) has been completely destroyed in a large-scale Russian missile attack on the early morning of 10-11 April.

Source: Andrii Hota, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Private Joint-Stock Company (PJSC) Centrenergo, a major electric and thermal energy-producing company in Ukraine's centre and east, in a comment to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency

Details: Hota reported that all the workers who were on shift during the attack have survived. The bombardment caused a large-scale fire in the turbine hall. Efforts to contain the fire are currently underway.


It is noted that PJSC Centrenergo has lost 100% of power generation.


  • A large-scale Russian missile attack in the small hours of 10-11 April damaged substations belonging to Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national energy company, and power generation facilities in Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv oblasts.
  • During the missile attack on 11 April, Russia attacked two thermal power plants (TPPs) owned by DTEK, the largest private energy company in Ukraine, severely damaging the equipment of the facilities.
  • On 22 March, Zmiivka TPP, the largest plant in Kharkiv Oblast and one of the largest in Ukraine, was destroyed.

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