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Ukraine continues negotiations on joint production of Patriot systems and missiles, ambassador says

Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 14:24
Ukraine continues negotiations on joint production of Patriot systems and missiles, ambassador says
Oksana Markarova. Stock photo: Getty Images

The Ukrainian side continues its efforts to establish joint production of Patriot systems and missiles for them.

Source: Ukraine's Ambassador to the US Oksana Markarova in an interview with European Pravda

She recalled the Ukrainian president’s visits to the US in September and December of last year, during which the issue of joint production of Patriot systems was heavily discussed.


"Between the visits, there were already two business meetings, Ukrainian and American, with everyone because, in reality, Patriot is not just one manufacturer, it's several, each producing different parts," Markarova noted.

"We're actively working on it. We... should start producing a lot ourselves, at least components, and ideally some finished products. We understand that even after our victory, Russia won't just disappear," she emphasised.

The diplomat pointed out that a sad discovery of this war was how unprepared the entire free world was for a rapid increase in production when needed.

She said that one of the biggest discussions with businesses was about investments and cooperation not only in the arms production but also in the parts related to materials, which are "an important integral component even to start these productions anywhere".

"So it's a big global strategic task and a big element of economic cooperation, but also the increase in combat readiness and production of those capabilities that Ukraine needs immediately, which will also be needed by all of us," the ambassador said.


  • Earlier, Markarova did not rule out that the first package of US weapons under the new legislation passed by the Congress may arrive in Ukraine as early as April.
  • Bloomberg reported that the German government is pressuring the United States to provide Ukraine with at least one more Patriot system to strengthen the country's air defence, and Berlin will continue to put pressure on European allies.

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