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Ukrainian children in temporarily occupied territories are being taught "Russian values"

Monday, 20 May 2024, 16:55
Ukrainian children in temporarily occupied territories are being taught Russian values
The Russians hold lessons teaching children "Russian values" in schools in the temporarily occupied territories. Photo: ARTURVERKHOVETSKIY/DEPOSITPHOTOS

The Russians have introduced a new subject in schools across the temporarily occupied territories (TOTs) of Ukraine: "Moral foundations of family life". During these lessons, students are taught about "Russian traditions and spirituality".

Source: Ukraine's National Resistance Center (NRC)

Details: The NRC reported that the Russians emphasise that "women must bear children and be obedient, while men must defend the fatherland".


"That’s the pattern for the 'model family of the Russian Federation', in which the man must be killed in a war, and the woman must give birth to new soldiers.

They forget to mention in these lessons that the international criminal Vladimir Putin has a bunch of illegitimate children and abandoned his wife in the traditions of the ‘Russian family’," the NRC noted.

Experts have urged Ukrainians in the TOTs to report crimes committed by the Russians and collaborators through an anonymous chatbot.


This is not the Russians’ first attempt to brainwash Ukrainian schoolchildren living in the occupied territories. It was recently reported that collaborators in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territories are engaging "Russian military volunteers" to train Ukrainian children to be "patriots of Russia".

Russian history and the Russian language are also taught in the occupied territories, and Ukrainian language teachers are being retrained to teach Russian.

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