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Russia designates Ukraine's Come Back Alive foundation as "undesirable"

Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 17:20
Russia designates Ukraine's Come Back Alive foundation as undesirable
ROMAN KRAVETS and Taras CHMUT. Photo: NAZARYI MAZYLIUK, Ukrainska pravda

The Russian Ministry of Justice has added the Come Back Alive foundation, which helps the Ukrainian military, and Stop the Occupation of Karelia, a movement advocating for Karelia’s independence, to the list of foreign and international non-governmental organisations whose activities are deemed "undesirable" in Russia.

Source: Meduza, a Latvian-based Russian news outlet, citing OVD-Info, an independent Russian media and human rights defence group

Details: Meduza reported that both organisations were entered into the Ministry of Justice register of undesirable organisations. The Prosecutor General’s Office handed down the decision at the end of April, but did not inform the public about it. 


The human rights organisation Freedom House was also added to the register, having been declared "undesirable" on 7 May.

Previously: On 11 April, Taras Chmut, the head of the Come Back Alive foundation, in an extensive interview told Ukrainska Pravda about the situation on the front, assessed the Russian forces’ preparations for a new offensive, and criticised the mobilisation campaign in Ukraine.

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