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NATO Summit agrees on Ukraine's defence funding plan for 2025

Thursday, 11 July 2024, 00:10
NATO Summit agrees on Ukraine's defence funding plan for 2025
Flags of Ukraine and NATO. Stock photo:

The leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance have agreed that member states should provide long-term security assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Source: European Pravda journalist in Washington

Details: The Alliance adopted a decision in which it committed, in particular, to the amount of assistance to Ukraine for 2025.


Quote: "We affirm our determination to support Ukraine in building a force capable of defeating Russian aggression today and deterring it in the future. To that end, we intend to provide a minimum baseline funding of €40 billion within the next year."

Details: In addition, the Alliance committed to long-term assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, not just support in 2025, to "provide sustainable levels of security assistance for Ukraine to prevail, taking into account Ukraine's needs, our respective national budget procedures, and the bilateral security agreements which Allies have concluded with Ukraine."

Next year, at the Hague Summit, the heads of state and government intend to review the contributions of the Allies. The amount of assistance may also be reviewed at future NATO summits based on Ukraine's needs.


"We affirm our unwavering commitment to Ukraine as a sovereign, democratic, independent state," NATO leaders stressed, expressing confidence that their assistance would significantly help Ukraine resist Russian aggression.

Background: It was previously reported that the NATO summit decision had declared Ukraine's full membership irreversible.

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