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US Senator assumes long-range ATACMS missiles might be sent to Ukraine by end of next week

Sunday, 21 April 2024, 20:06
US Senator assumes long-range ATACMS missiles might be sent to Ukraine by end of next week
ATACMS long-range ballistic missiles. Stock photo: Getty Images

Mark Warner, Chair of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, has assumed that the ATACMS long-range ballistic missiles might be sent to Ukraine shortly.

Source: Warner on air of CBS News, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Commenting on adopting the bill on the aid for Ukraine by the House of Representatives, Warner expressed hope that after the bill is signed by US President Joe Biden, the weapons will be sent to Ukraine by the end of next week.


Quote: "I hope once this (the bill – ed.) gets to the President by Tuesday or Wednesday, that these shipments will be literally launched with that longer range ATACMS…"

Warner replied positively to a question, whether long-range artillery will be provided as well.

Asked whether not only ammunition will be sent, he said: "The ATACMS- I believe the administration was prepared over the last couple of months to prepare or to provide ATACMS. It is written into this legislation".

Warner noted that the Ukrainians morale has been great, but it's been undermined over the last couple of months, when they have been literally given out rationed bullets, eight to 10 bullets a day.

"You can't underestimate that Ukrainians' grit, determination, but if they don't have the materials, they can't carry this fight to the Russians," Warner said.


  • On Saturday 20 April, the US House of Representatives voted in favour of a bill on foreign aid for Ukraine. A total of 311 members of the lower house of the US Congress voted in favour of the bill, while 112 voted against.
  • The draft law was promised to be submitted to the Senate as an amendment to the Senate Foreign Assistance Bill HR.815, passed in February. This should simplify the procedure for approving the package in the Senate.
  • The leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that the Senate would vote on the bill on Tuesday, 23 April.
  • US President Joe Biden has promised to sign the approved aid bill into law.
  • The Pentagon will deliver some of the weapons to Ukrainian forces in less than a week after all the procedures for adopting the relevant legislation are completed.

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