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UK closes one of two programmes for entry of Ukrainian refugees

Zelenskyy: We will bring millions of refugees home once we have enough air defence systems

Ukraine's ambassador to EU predicts Kyiv and EU will be "battling over Ukrainians" in 2025

Ukrainian boy, 15, seriously injured in xenophobic attack in Germany

Social Policy Committee reacts to Zelenskyy's idea of EU countries helping refugees through Ukraine

Ukraine comments on discussion with EU about refugees returning home

Ukraine puts pressure on EU to help bring refugees back

Zelenskyy says Ukrainian men should return to Ukraine at least to pay taxes

Russians destroy village council building and modular houses for internally displaced persons in Kherson Oblast – photo

Fire breaks out in Polish hotel where Ukrainian refugees were staying, casualties reported

Ukraine's Ombudsman on separation of children from Ukrainian families abroad: Worst situation observed in Germany and Italy

At least 70 people killed in Gaza refugee camp in Israeli attack

Czechia to pay Ukrainians coming back home

Around 300,000 Ukrainian children attend Polish schools and kindergartens

People will come back if we have enough air defence – Zelenskyy

Group of Russians attacks Ukrainians in Germany

Coming home: why Ukrainian refugees are coming back from Germany

These stories tell of tough decisions, a yearning for home that’s stronger than fear, and the right to die in one’s own home – or find joy away from it

EU describes difficulties Ukrainian refugee children face in schools

EU Council extends temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees until 2025

More than half of Ukrainian refugees in Czechia have faced aggression

European Commission proposes to extend temporary protection given to Ukrainian refugees until 2025

Poland might reduce assistance to Ukrainian refugees in 2024

Netherlands aim to equip hundreds of new places to host Ukrainian refugees

Case of attempted murder of 10-year-old Ukrainian boy in Germany may be closed as new details have emerged

Zelenskyy discusses war, refugees and pilgrims with Netanyahu

Who are we fighting for if people are not here? – Zelenskyy on refugees' return

Russia attempts to recruit Ukrainian refugees when they cross border – Latvian special services

In Czechia, man brutally attacked two Ukrainian women after learning about their nationality

Czechia reduces benefits for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees to be evicted from Irish hotel if they refuse to pay for food