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Group of Russians attacks Ukrainians in Germany

Saturday, 4 November 2023, 20:20
Group of Russians attacks Ukrainians in Germany
stock photo: novostipmr

A group of seven young Russians deliberately provoked and attacked four Ukrainians in the German city of Bremen.

Source: Bild; European Pravda

Details: According to the German outlet, the attack occurred on Tuesday evening, when four Ukrainians, all aged 19, were sitting on a bench in the park near the main railway station, and a group of Russians approached them.


Early reports say seven Russians were looking for an opportunity to provoke a fight, shouting pro-Russian slogans (in particular, "Freedom to Russia"), and attacked the Ukrainians.

Later, a 16-year-old Russian pulled out a gun and hit one of the Ukrainians on the head. After the beating, the attackers took his wristwatch and headphones and fled.

According to Bild, timely notified federal police officers were able to arrest a 16-year-old Russian and transfer him to his legal guardians.


Earlier, the police of the Polish city of Gdansk detained three people involved in the attack on a couple of 16-year-olds from Ukraine.

It was reported that Scottish police are investigating the attack on three Ukrainian teenagers in Edinburgh last weekend, which probably occurred on racist grounds.

In late August, the police arrested and are currently interrogating a man suspected of brutally assaulting two Ukrainian women in Plasy, the northern Pilsen region of Czechia.

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