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Black Sea

Explosions heard near the port in captured Skadovsk - mayor

Ukrainian Armed Forces’ goal to liberate Zmiinyi [Snake] Island

Satellite images published showing destruction on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island after attack by Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Russia has pointed 44 Caliber missiles toward Ukraine from the Black Sea - Pivden [South] Operational Command

Russian forces removed one missile ship from the Black Sea - Pivden [South] Operational Command

Ukrainian defenders attack "Boiko towers" stolen by Russia in the Black Sea

Russian forces replenish the Black Sea fleet - Pivden [South] Operational Command

20 missiles of Calibre type in the Black Sea are prepared to be launched - Pivden [South] Operational Command  

Armed Forces of Ukraine show how they turned Russian tugboat into a floating bonfire

Good morning indeed: the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the occupiers' tugboat, which was transporting people and weapons to Zmiinyi (Snake) Island

Russia reformatted ship group in Black Sea - Operational Command “Pivden”

Six Russian ships ready in the Black Sea with a total array of 36 missiles

Russia adds 2 large landing ships to its Black Sea fleet

Satellites record new occupier air defence systems on Zmiinyi [Snake] Island

Russia keeps 40 cruise missiles in the Black Sea - Pivden [South] Operational Command

One occupier is killed every 5 minutes in Ukraine – spokesman for the head of the Odesa Oblast Military Administration

Two missile ships and a submarine of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea are ready to attack - Pivden [South] Operational Command

Russia has changed tactics of attacks from the sea – the Ukrainian Navy

There is a constant risk of Russian troops landing in Odesa – Odesa Military Administration spokesman

Russia brings five large landing ships into Black Sea

Ukrainian Air Defence shoots down 4 cruise missiles launched from Russian ship – Pivden (South) Operational Command

Turkey stated it may become possible to export Ukrainian grain

3 Russian ships now threatening missile attacks in the Black Sea – Pivden (South) Operational Command

Erdoğan agree Turkey will help clear mines in Ukrainian ports

Odesa Oblast threatened as Russia deploys air defence systems and MLRS on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island – Pivden (South) Operational Command

Ukraine’s South Task Force: Russia retrieving its sunken Raptor boat to replenish its fleet

Russia announces pseudo-humanitarian corridors in the Black Sea. Ukraine stresses the danger

Black Sea coast: there is a threat of missile attack, but a landing by the Russians is unlikely

Russians may open fire from hijacked Ukrainian boat - "Pivden" (South) Operational Command

In the occupied Sevastopol on submarines of the Russian Federation load ‘3M-54 Kalibr’ missiles - mass media