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Biggest market in Eastern Europe catches on fire after Kharkiv shelling, rescuer died

Russian occupiers shelled Kharkiv 49 times in the past 24 hours

Regional State Administration: Izum is a critical point, it is unrealistic to seize Kharkiv

Shelling in Kharkiv leads to large-scale fire: 3 people killed and 5 injured

The Ukrainian military forces pushed the enemy out of its positions near Kharkiv

600 houses completely destroyed in Kharkiv

Shelling causes large fire in Kharkiv, 7 victims found under the rubble

Volunteers’ car came under fire in Kharkiv - one person dead and one is wounded

Massive fire broke out in Kharkiv after shelling

The aggressors have been pummeling residential areas and hospitals of the Kharkiv region all night long; there are victims

In Kharkiv, Russian heavy artillery is shelling residential areas

Rocket attack on Kharkiv: a woman's body was found under the rubble

Security Service of Ukraine: In Kharkiv, occupiers were told to shoot civilians

Russian airstrike damages a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv

Fire near university in Kharkiv: radiation leak possible

Kharkiv shelled with new force: shopping mall destroyed. 4 people killed in Slobozhanske

Air raid sirens sound: protracted shelling and explosions in Kharkiv

The Russian aggressor destroyed the police building in Kharkiv region: 4 dead, 15 injured

In Kharkiv, artillery shelling by Russian troops destroyed the building of the main National Police department in the Kharkiv region. 4 people died and 15 were injured.

Kharkiv region: critical situation in Izyum, Oblenergo and thermal power plant at gunpoint

Russian troops continue to bomb critical infrastructure and civilian housing in the Kharkiv region.

27 civilians in Kharkiv killed by Russian troops in one day

170 civilians, including 5 children, have been killed in Kharkiv by Russian troops since the start of the war.

Russians attempt to land an assault group in Kharkiv region

In the Vovchansk district of Kharkiv region, the Russians attempted to land an assault group, but most of the group was eliminated by Ukrainian armed forces.

Two volunteers shot and killed by Russian soldiers in Kharkiv Ecopark

In Kharkiv, Russian soldiers shot and killed two volunteers who came to the Feldman Ecopark to feed the animals kept there.

Mayor of Kharkiv says that Russians urged him to surrender the city

The Mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov has said that he has received a message from the Russian occupiers urging him to hand over Kharkiv.

More than 600,000 people evacuated by train from Kharkiv

More than 600,000 people were evacuated from Kharkiv by train, since all the highways have been congested for many days now.

10 people killed and one child in critical condition from Russian shelling in Kharkiv

On 7 March, 10 people were killed in Kharkiv by the Russian shelling. One child is in critical condition.

Russian military pilot indicted for bombing Kharkiv

A Russian military pilot was indicted in Ukraine for targeting civilian infrastructure in the Kharkiv Region.

Russian troops destroy 19th-century church near Zhytomyr, fire at house of prayer in Kharkiv

New shelling in Kharkiv causes much destruction and 21 fires. At least 8 people dead

Over a 24-hour period from 6-7 March, Russian forces have been shelling and carrying out aerial bombardment of residential neighbourhoods and various facilities in Kharkiv and nearby villages with renewed force, resulting in a lot of destruction and fire.

Russian troops bomb Kharkiv - at least one casualty

One person has been killed, and a fire has started as a result of Russian air strikes on central Kharkiv.

Russian air strike hits Kharkiv TV tower: broadcasting interrupted

A Russian air strike has hit the Kharkiv TV tower. Currently, broadcasting in the city is interrupted.