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The Russians fired a missile at Kharkiv: one person was killed and many were injured

8 fires caused by Russian shelling in Kharkiv

Russian troops shell Kharkiv residential neighbourhoods: 8 killed, 42 wounded

24 children killed in the Kharkiv region during the war - Regional Military Administration

Kharkiv: Russian forces shell Nemyshlianskyi district, there are dead and wounded

Russian occupiers are shelling Kharkiv. Residents urged to shelter all day

Russians fight in civilian clothes, bring reinforcements, strengthen air defence - summary of the General Staff

Kharkiv region: 8 people, including 1 child, died as a result of Russian shelling

Kharkiv: The intensity of shelling has increased, as a result a child is dead

Kharkiv: Time bombs found in courtyards

11 civilians, including 7-year-old child, killed in Russian shelling of Kharkiv region on 10 April

Rescue workers find 6 dead and 2 injured in Russian shelling

Russian troops drop bombs with parachutes on Kharkiv

New missile strike on Kharkiv housing complex: 12 people rescued, information on casualties to be confirmed

Advice on finding relatives from Bucha and other cities attacked by Russia

Russian troops regroup before the attack on Kharkiv - intelligence

Russians launch nearly 50 attacks on Kharkiv overnight

Russian troops carried out 27 attacks on Kharkiv last night

The Mayor of Kharkiv: The city is well prepared to defend itself

All adult animals will be put to sleep in the Kharkiv Ecopark due to shelling by occupiers

Kharkiv is currently out of reach for the Russian Army, counter offences taking place in some areas - says head of local military administration

Russia is preparing to seize Kharkiv - Defence Ministry

Russians shell Kharkiv and Derhachi, leaving 3 dead and 7 injured

Kharkiv shelling: 7 dead, 34 injured

Russian troops shell Kharkiv, 23 civilians wounded

One person wounded in Russian shelling of a park in central Kharkiv

Karazin University to relocate from Kharkiv

The Russians fired a missile near the centre of Kharkiv - head of the Regional Military Administration

Loud explosions reported in Kyiv and Kharkiv

Russian shell destroys gas pipeline in Kharkiv, repairs not yet possible