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All adult animals will be put to sleep in the Kharkiv Ecopark due to shelling by occupiers

Kharkiv is currently out of reach for the Russian Army, counter offences taking place in some areas - says head of local military administration

Russia is preparing to seize Kharkiv - Defence Ministry

Russians shell Kharkiv and Derhachi, leaving 3 dead and 7 injured

Kharkiv shelling: 7 dead, 34 injured

Russian troops shell Kharkiv, 23 civilians wounded

One person wounded in Russian shelling of a park in central Kharkiv

Karazin University to relocate from Kharkiv

The Russians fired a missile near the centre of Kharkiv - head of the Regional Military Administration

Loud explosions reported in Kyiv and Kharkiv

Russian shell destroys gas pipeline in Kharkiv, repairs not yet possible

Aggressors fire indiscriminately on Kharkiv - Head of Regional Military Administration

Nuclear material in Kharkiv is intact - IAEA

Russian invaders destroy 1,177 apartment buildings in Kharkiv

Powerful explosions have been reported in Lutsk, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Zhytomyr

Nuclear Reactor in Kharkiv targeted again

Russian occupiers attacked Kharkiv medical centre with "Grad" multiple rocket launchers, while it distributed humanitarian aid - 4 people killed

Head of Military Administration: Russian troops carried out 55 attacks on Kharkiv region yesterday

Russian shell kills 6 Kharkiv residents and injures 15 as they queue for humanitarian aid - Regional State Administration

Russians shell the centre of Kharkiv from the Black Sea

24 bodies already found under the rubble of the Kharkiv Regional Administration as clearing continues

Kharkiv Military Administration: City endured 32 shellings last night

Shelling of Kharkiv: Occupiers killed several adults and child at night

Fires and civilian victims in the wake of Kharkiv shelling

A few members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated elite Russian special forces in Kharkiv

Fire on "Barabashovo" in Kharkiv contained: 10 houses were saved

Barabashovo market in Kharkiv: emergency services try to prevent fire from spreading to residential buildings

Biggest market in Eastern Europe catches on fire after Kharkiv shelling, rescuer died

Russian occupiers shelled Kharkiv 49 times in the past 24 hours

Regional State Administration: Izum is a critical point, it is unrealistic to seize Kharkiv