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76-year-old man killed in Russian drone attack on Velykyi Burluk – photo

Shahed drone strike on Kharkiv: cars ablaze – photo

Kharkiv is not protected enough to advise people to come back – Zelenskyy

Russians fire missiles on Kharkiv district

Russian military attack residential buildings in Chuhuiv: One person killed

Ceiling leaks at metro station in Kharkiv due to attacks

10,000 sq. m of land in Kharkiv polluted by strike on oil depot

Russians attack Kharkiv with missiles

DNA test confirms identities of seven people killed in Russian attack on Kharkiv

Mother of three killed in Russian attack on Kharkiv was a prosecutor, DNA samples will be used to identify other bodies – photo

Zelenskyy reacts to Russian attack on Kharkiv overnight – photo

Oil depot, not gas station, engulfed in flames in Kharkiv after Russian attack

Russian attack on Kharkiv: family of five killed in their home

Russian Shahed drones hit Kharkiv gas station, killing 7 and setting 14 buildings on fire – photo, video

Russians bombard Kharkiv with Shahed drones, damaging civilian infrastructure

Russians struck Kharkiv with North Korean missiles, says police – photo

5 Russian S-300 missiles hit Kharkiv, injuring 3 employees – photo

Explosions in Cherkasy Oblast, Kharkiv, and Lviv Oblast’s Drohobych; missiles manoeuvring in Ukraine's west

Russians target Kharkiv with drones, causing fire at business premises – photo

Russians strike civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv with drones

Media show aftermath of Russia's evening strike on Kharkiv – photo

Russian Shaheds hit Kharkiv, causing fire

Ukrainian Armed Forces explain if another Russian offensive on Kharkiv is possible: No threat from north for now

Death toll of 23 January attack on Kharkiv rises to 11 people

Ukraine's Security Service arrests 18-year-old hacker who targeted Ukrainian government sites – video

Kharkiv mourns for those killed in Russian missile attacks

Series of explosions rock Kharkiv, presumably coming from outside city

Death toll in Kharkiv rises to 10: 2 more bodies found under rubble

Firefighters deal with aftermath of evening Russian strikes on Kharkiv – photo

Media shows posts of aftermath of Russian evening attack on Kharkiv – photo