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Russians strike industrial facility in Kremenchuk district

Explosion heard at industrial facility in Kremenchuk

Russians hit oil refinery in Kremenchuk, fire breaks out

Missile attack on Kremenchuk: number of victims rises to 55

Number of wounded from strike on Kremenchuk increases to 31

Russians hit oil refinery in Kremenchuk at night

Anniversary of attack on mall in Kremenchuk: 3 Russian commanders under suspicion, investigation continues

Explosions occur in Kremenchuk on anniversary of attack on Amstor mall

Air-raid issued in Kyiv and number of oblasts

Explosions heard in Kremenchuk – Mayor

​​Heating disappears due to Russian strike in Kremenchuk

Kremlin strengthens tracking over conscripts before next wave of mobilisation 

Explosions rang out near city of Kremenchuk

Two rockets shot down in Poltava Oblast, explosions rock Cherkasy Oblast

Ukrainian air defence activated in Kremenchuk and Zaporizhzhia, explosions rock Russian-occupied Melitopol

An enemy missile was shot down over Kremenchuk on the evening of July 15: no damage

Explosions have been heard in Dnipro and Kremenchuk

Rescuers finish sorting through the rubble of the shopping centre in Kremenchuk: they found 29 body parts

Rescuers find 6 more body fragments under shopping centre rubble in Kremenchuk

22 fragments of bodies found under the rubble of the shopping centre in Kremenchuk - the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine has established the circumstances of the strike on the shopping centre in Kremenchuk

Putin reacts cynically to Russian missile hitting Kremenchuk shopping centre: “There was no terrorist attack there”

Kremenchuk victims could have been fewer but air raid sirens ignored – State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Slab shifts during rubble clearance at Kremenchuh shopping centre, hospitalising two rescuers

“Disused” Kremenchuk shopping centre made nearly $100,000 on day of Russian attack – Ukraine’s Parliamentary Group on Finance

Zelenskyy shares video of Russian missile strike on shopping centre in Kremenchuk

More than 20 are already known to have been killed in the Kremenchuk shopping mall - Office of the President of Ukraine 

Russian military openly lies that they were striking hangars storing weapons in Kremenchuk

Investigation obtains names of Russian Federation pilots who struck shopping centre in Kremenchuk ‒ Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Shopping centre shelling in Kremenchuk may be tried in The Hague - Ukraine’s Prosecutor General