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Attack on civilian convoy in Zaporizhzhia: 30 killed, including two children; 88 injured

Entry to occupied territories via Zaporizhzhia temporarily suspended

Zelenskyy on attack on convoy in Zaporizhzhia: "Bloodthirsty scoundrels, you will answer for everything"

Russian missiles strike outskirts of Zaporizhzhia, hitting humanitarian convoy: dozens killed and wounded

The Russians are attacking Zaporizhzhia; air defence system is working

Russian occupation authorities announce first results of sham referendums

10 Russian missiles hit infrastructure targets in Zaporizhzhia

Russia launches missiles on Zaporizhzhia, hitting infrastructure

Russia launches missiles on Zaporizhzhia Oblast, causing destruction

Russians launch massive missile attack on Zaporizhzhia 

Ukrainian Air Defence shoots down Russian missile over Zaporizhzhia

Zaporizhzhia attack: Number of casualties rises to 9, people spent night in bus

Russian forces target residential building in Zaporizhzhia, killing 1 and injuring 7

Russians hit two civilian targets in Zaporizhzhia, 3 people injured

Zaporizhzhia attack: Civilian infrastructure damaged, civilian casualties

Russian missiles strike city of Zaporizhzhia

Attack on Zaporizhzhia: Russians launch 9 missiles, 6 people saved from under debris

Russian strike on Zaporizhzhia: Hotel hit, 1 civilian killed

Missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia hit infrastructure

Russians hit Zaporizhzhia district with S-300 missiles

Night-time shelling of Zaporizhzhia damaged 42 private houses and 34 flats

Russian forces land missile strike on power substation in Zaporizhzhia overnight – head of Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

8 Russian missiles hit city of Zaporizhzhia

Russian rocket strikes village near Zaporizhzhia

Collaborators threaten Ukrainian activists under occupation with death sentences – General Staff report

Russian rockets hit Kryvyi Rih again, explosions are reported in Zaporizhzhia

Russians hit Zaporizhzhia – City Council

Two Russian missiles strike suburbs of Zaporizhzhia

Ukraine's Security Service detains FSB agent with call sign "007" in Zaporizhzhia

"Loud explosions" shook Zaporizhzhia – City Council