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Death toll rises in Wednesday missile attack on Zaporizhzhia

Emergency workers complete searching for people under rubble in Zaporizhzhia

Number of victims of attack on Zaporizhzhia rises to 33

Ukraine's Air Force explains what weapons Russia deployed in Zaporizhzhia attack

17 people injured and one killed in missile strike on Zaporizhzhia

Zelenskyy posts video of Russian missile hitting apartment block in Zaporizhzhia

Russians hit two apartment blocks in Zaporizhzhia with missiles

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia causing destruction

Aftermath of missile attack in Zaporizhzhia: gas pipeline, industrial facility damaged

Russians attack vital infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia

Zelenskyy gives latest updates on power outages in Kharkiv, Zhytomyr and Zaporizhzhia

"We are like 21st-century slaves here." What is happening at the Zaporizhzhia NPP in occupied Enerhodar

Power shortages in Zaporizhzhia after Russian attack

Debris of destroyed apartment building in Zaporizhzhia removed

Russian missile strike on Zaporizhzhia: death toll rises to 13

Missile attack on Zaporizhzhia: 8-month-old girl killed together with her family

Rescuers continue to clear away rubble after Zaporizhzhia missile strike: death toll rises to 10

Russian missile strike on Zaporizhzhia: death toll rises to 7

Unable to capture Zaporizhzhia, Russians decide to make another city regional capital

Clearing rubble after attack on Zaporizhzhia: 102 tonnes of wreckage removed, 5 bodies recovered

Attack on Zaporizhzhia: 10 people missing

Rescuers and Oblast Head report 2 deaths in Zaporizhzhia

Russian missile strike on Zaporizhzhia: number of victims increases to 4

Russians will be held accountable for everything, evil will not reign – Zelenskyy on attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russian missile strike on apartment block in Zaporizhzhia: 2 people killed, 11 rescued

Night attack on Zaporizhzhia: two strikes reported

Russian troops attack Zaporizhzhia suburbs

Details of Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia: presumably hit by Iskander missiles

Russian forces attack Zaporizhzhia: 2 missile hits reported

Russia strikes Zaporizhzhia 17 times in an hour