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Explosions ring out in Zaporizhzhia

Ukrainian defenders kill 20 occupiers in Zelenkyi Yar with precise strike

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia and hit a hospital

At the moment of Russian attack there were 47 patients in hospital in Zaporizhzhia where infant was killed

120 high-rise buildings left without heating as a result of missile attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia, people may be trapped under rubble

Air defence system was triggered in Zaporizhzhia on Sunday

Residents of 6 apartment blocks in Zaporizhzhia evacuated due to unexploded munitions

Anti-aircraft defence system deployed in Zaporizhzhia, missile fragments in the streets

Russia launches S-300 missiles on Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russians allow only 906 Ukrainians to leave temporarily occupied territories to Zaporizhzhia in one week

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia, hitting residential complex and causing fire

Russians struck Zaporizhzhia city suburbs, all Russian Shahed drones downed

Occupiers build unknown construction near spent nuclear fuel storage facility at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Russian forces attack Zaporizhzhia, damaging critical infrastructure

Ukraine’s air defence shoots down Iskander cruise missile targeting Zaporizhzhia

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia once again

Zaporizhzhia Oblast attack: Smerch MLRS damages infrastructure facility

Fire reported after Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russian missile explodes near police car: 4 policemen injured

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia with rockets

Zaporizhzhia attacked at night by rockets and Shahed kamikaze drones

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia with rockets

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia with kamikaze drones

Death toll after attack on Zaporizhzhia on 8-9 October increases to 15

Death toll following attack on Zaporizhzhia on 9 October rises to 13

Russian missiles strike Zaporizhzhia

Over 70 people killed in Zaporizhzhia by Russian rockets since 30 September

Russia launches 7 missiles on Zaporizhzhia and outskirts overnight

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia with rockets