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Russian troops destroy ski centre in Chernihiv

Saturday, 19 March 2022, 14:33
Russian troops destroy ski centre in Chernihiv


Russian troops have destroyed a ski centre in Chernihiv, where skiing and biathlon competitions had been held for many years.

Source:, "Suspilne"


Details: One of the sports facilities destroyed by Russian attacks was a ski centre in Chernihiv, built in 1977.

The centre was actively used for Ukrainian biathlon championships – particularly during the Biathlon World Summer Championships, which were attended by youth and adult athletes.

Biathlete Darya Blashko was stationed at the Chernihiv centre during the early days of the war. The athlete has already left the city, but did not fail to mention the sports facility destroyed by Russia on her Instagram page.

"I lived there before the war, and for 10 days of the war I hid in the basement with my coach and other people. There was some last hope that the base would not be touched. This. Is. Just. A. Sports. Facility," Blashko wrote.

The main building, which included housing for young athletes who had no accommodation in Chernihiv, was destroyed.

Background: This is not the only sports facility in Chernihiv that has been destroyed by Russian forces. The Gagarin football stadium, where Desna FC plays its home matches, has also come under fire.