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Mariupol begs for help: People are dying of hunger

Thursday, 24 March 2022, 20:13
Mariupol begs for help: People are dying of hunger

Alyona Mazurenko - Thursday, March 24, 2022, 21:13

Mariupol City Council urges the rescue of people in Mariupol who are dying of starvation.

Source: Mariupol City Council in Telegram


Verbatim: " ‘I haven't eaten for two days. Weakness. I don't have the strength to leave the city on foot. It's good that there is still some water.’  Horrifying words that Mariupol residents hear more and more often from their relatives remaining in the city."

"‘[It’s when] the cell connection breaks through for a minute or two. More and more people are left without any food supplies. In the meantime all attempts to launch a large-scale humanitarian operation to save the people of Mariupol are blocked by the Russian side."

"The aggressors are not interested in people and their destinies. [They only see] a propaganda image with the forced deportation of the population to Russia."


Details: The City Council stated that they are grateful to the volunteers and those who care, and who are helping to evacuate Mariupol residents from the zone of active hostilities on a daily basis.

Verbatim: "Now we are on the verge. [It’s now] when we need sanctions ten times tougher, no-fly zone, aircraft, tanks from Ukraine's allies, extra diplomatic efforts."

"Anything! To save hundreds of thousands of people in Mariupol. [We must ] save them from this  hell and the endless cycle of degrading treatment."

"[We must] save all other cities of our country from the terrible fate of Mariupol. We beg for help."


Mariupol has been under blockade for more than 20 days. Humanitarian aid is not allowed into the city, civilians are fired upon, bombs are dropped on civilian buildings where children are sheltered. 

The aggressors allowed civilians to leave the city in their own cars only a few days ago. Caravans are often shelled. Humanitarian aid designated for the city residents is often seized or shelled by the aggressors.

There are over 100,000 Ukrainians in the city, according to Zelenskyy. The Russians keep the city under siege and allow evacuations only to Russia. The Ukrainian President asked NATO for tanks and aircraft to free Ukrainian cities from occupation.

Local authorities have claimed casualties in the city had reached tens of thousands a few weeks ago. People are buried in mass graves. Some bodies are lying on the roadside and in the middle of the city. The exact number of victims cannot be determined. Journalists, covering the atrocities committed by Russia, have left the city.

People cannot dismantle the rubble to free those who are trapped due to the aggressors’ shelling.

Russian pilots destroyed the State Emergency Service of Ukraine building, police station, etc.