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Chernihiv region suffers eight fires in a day because of Russian shelling

Tuesday, 29 March 2022, 13:48


There were 8 fires in the Chernihiv region due to Russian army shelling in populated areas during the day on 28 March.

Source: Viacheslav Chaus, head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration, quoting the Ukrainian State Emergency Service in the Chernihiv region.


Details: Over last 24 hours, 13 fires were recorded in the Chernihiv region, including 8 due to the shelling of settlements by the Russian army: 2 were in a residential area, 4 in industrial and infrastructure facilities, 1 in a transport facility, and 1 at a nature site.

A total of 399 fires have been extinguished since the start of the war, including 265 caused by shelling. 45 people have been rescued, including 10 children.

Emergency services responded 3 times during the day (95 times since the beginning of the war) to provide assistance and carry out other work.


Explosive ordnance disposal specialists from the State Emergency Service responded 13 times during the day to neutralise unexploded ordnance (123 items of explosive ordnance have been found and removed since the beginning of the war).

There is no heating in Chernihiv due to damage to critical infrastructure and active combat operations. Electricity, water and gas supplies are partially in place. Repair work is being carried out as much as possible.