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New shelling in Kharkiv causes much destruction and 21 fires. At least 8 people dead

Monday, 7 March 2022, 08:16


Over a 24-hour period from 6-7 March, Russian forces have been shelling and carrying out aerial bombardment of residential neighbourhoods and various facilities in Kharkiv and nearby villages with renewed force, resulting in a lot of destruction and fire.

Source: the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region as of 07:00 on Monday, 7 March


Details: At 7.15 p.m. another massive air bombardment of Kharkiv took place, as a result of which multi-storey residential buildings, administrative buildings, medical facilities, educational institutions and dormitories were completely or partially destroyed.

There were also large-scale fires in 21 buildings in the central part of the city, including:

- Karbysheva Lane - 3 fires, 2 of which are in 15- and 4-storey residential buildings;

- Gymnasium embankment - fire in the Kharkiv School of Music;

- Moscow Avenue - 10 fires, including 7 in multi-storey residential buildings and student dormitories, and 1 in a medical facility;

- Maidan Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni (Maidan of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred) - 7 fires, 4 of which are in residential buildings.

Also 11 buildings were destroyed or partially destroyed as a result of shelling on Hirshman, Chernyshevsky, Alchevsky and Myronosytska Streets.

Photo provided by State Emergency Service: Kharkiv

Rescue personnel responded to more than 60 calls to extinguish fires and dismantle the rubble of destroyed buildings.

About 200 people were rescued and evacuated from the debris and fires. Firefighters found the bodies of 8 people under the rubble. Final information on the dead and injured is being clarified.

Pyrotechnic units of the Emergency Services also continued work to clear unexploded ordnance.