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Kharkiv region: critical situation in Izyum, Oblenergo and thermal power plant at gunpoint

Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 06:56

Olena Roschina – Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 07:56

Russian troops continue to bomb critical infrastructure and civilian housing in the Kharkiv region.

Source: Kharkiv Regional Police


Details: During the day, several hits were recorded in the regional power companies, where the main substations are located. There were attempts to damage the Thermal Power Plant no. 5.

As a result of the bombings, 150 people were evacuated from one apartment block in Kharkiv and about 200 from another.

The situation is critical in the city of Izyum: the Russian occupiers have taken revenge on the city’s refusal to surrender by laying siege to the city and destroying it.

Police officers recommend citizens to observe security measures in case of shelling, not to breach the curfew, and to carry their documents, medicines, and essentials with them at all times.

If a suspicious or explosive object is found, citizens are urged to contact the police or emergency services on 102 and 101.

The operators of the 102 service are working in an intensified mode, receiving and processing reports around the clock on suspicious persons, cars, and objects, as well as various incidents.

All Kharkiv police personnel are continuing to perform their duties at their locations under constant shelling and attacks from the invaders.

There are additional police helplines in each district of the city and region.

There is also a Telegram chatbot – @Kharkiv102_bot – for capturing and responding to citizens’ messages.