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Kolomoisky in Ukraine, Pinchuk has left

Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 14:56
Kolomoisky in Ukraine, Pinchuk has left


Businessman Igor Kolomoisky has remained in Ukraine, whereas businessman Viktor Pinchuk left the country after a meeting at the President's Office on the evening of February 23.

Source: UP article "Oligarchs’ evacuation. UP found out where Ukrainian oligarchs and their planes are now"


Quote: "On 23 February at 6 pm, the president of Ukraine gathered the oligarchs in his office. This was eleven hours before Putin declared war and the Russian army began its offensive.

For the oligarchs, this meeting posed great danger, because it finished around 8 pm, and at 2 am Ukraine closed its skies to civil aviation. That is, the businessmen had to leave the country right away. But not everyone left. Some of the oligarchs still remain in the country, some even in Kyiv. And some left by plane right after the meeting at the President's Office."

Details: According to UP sources, businessman Viktor Pinchuk left the country after the meeting at the President's Office. Ukrainska Pravda asked Viktor Pinchuk's press service: where is the oligarch as of today, and who exactly was evacuated on his plane. There has been no answer yet.

Igor Kolomoisky has been in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, as he has been for most of the last three years. He is under the American FBI's investigation into a possible withdrawal of funds from Privatbank, and therefore he is not leaving the country to avoid extradition to the United States.

According to public online radar data, most of the planes used by the informal Privat group remained in Kyiv and Dnipro airports at the time of Ukraine's closure of its skies. In a comment to the UP, Kolomoisky confirmed that he is in Ukraine.

The richest man in the country, Rinat Akhmetov, arrived in Ukraine on 23 February, a few hours before the meeting with the president. In a comment to the UP, the businessman's press service said that he was in Ukraine. This information was confirmed by the UP’s sources. According to a spokesman, their planes certainly did not evacuate anyone.

On the evening of 21 February, the MP and businessman Vadym Novynsky arrived in Kyiv from St. Petersburg. He visited the Office of the President. At 2:15 am, that is, three hours before the Russian troops attacked the territory of Ukraine, his plane flew to the airport of Kosice (Slovakia). Novynsky said in a comment to the UP that he is in Kyiv. He also said that his wife joined him in Kyiv a few hours before the Russian attack.

The oligarch Dmitry Firtash has been in Austria since 2014. But the plane belonging to Firtash's business arrived in Hungary on 6 March, then flew to Cyprus. From Cyprus it returned to Vienna, where the oligarch lives.