Border guards showed smiles of indomitable defenders of Mariupol

Saturday, 14 May 2022, 10:37


Border guards continue to hold positions in Mariupol, which is blockaded by the Russian invaders.

Source: The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 

Literally: "Border guards at the Azovstal [steelworks] together with other defenders continue to defend Mariupol in extremely difficult conditions.

Despite everything, they find time to smile here. And there are also the necessary things – providing food, establishing communication.  Glory to the indomitable defenders of Mariupol! Glory to the Heroes."

Details: A video released by border guards shows them managing to live in extremely difficult conditions. They are preparing "goodies" from flour, water and salt.

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Recall: Border guards, along with Marines, the Azov Regiment and other security forces, are courageously defending their positions in Russian-occupied Mariupol.