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"Azov" Commander hopes bodies of dead from "Azovstal" will be given to their families

Friday, 20 May 2022, 13:38
Azov Commander hopes bodies of dead from Azovstal will be given to their families


Denys Prokopenko, the commander of the "Azov" National Guard Regiment of Ukraine, reported that the severely wounded fighters from the "Azovstal" plant had received medical care and will be taken to the territory controlled by Ukraine, and that "the process is ongoing" regarding the dead defenders of Mariupol.

Source: Video message of the commander of the regiment "Azov" lieutenant colonel Denys Prokopenko, Azov - Mariupol


Direct Speech: "86 days of defence of Mariupol. The high military command issued an order to preserve the lives and health of garrison servicemen and to terminate defending the city.

Despite heavy fighting, circular defence and lack of supplies, we constantly emphasised three important conditions for us: civilians, wounded and dead.

Civilians were evacuated.

The severely injured received the necessary care and were evacuated with further exchange and delivery to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

As for the dead heroes, the process continues. But I hope that in the nearest future families and the whole of Ukraine will be able to bury their soldiers with honours. Glory to Ukraine!".

Details: Earlier it was reported that Azov fighters have been leaving the bunkers of the Azovstal plant since 16 May: the seriously wounded were taken to the hospitals in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (CADLR), others are being detained and interrogated by the Russians. The fate of the fallen heroes is unknown.