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Security Service of Ukraine detains collaborator who wanted to set up a "Mykolaiv Peoples Republic"

Monday, 27 June 2022, 17:34
Security Service of Ukraine detains collaborator who wanted to set up a Mykolaiv Peoples Republic


The Security Service of Ukraine has detained a former deputy of Mykolaiv City Council who was working for the Russian secret services. He had created the concept of a so-called "Mykolaiv People’s Republic" ("MPR") and leaked information about the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was hoping to obtain an executive position in the occupying administration.

Source: Press service of the Security Service of Ukraine


Quote: "According to the available information, the detainee prepared a documentary, legal and socio-political justification for the creation of a fake republic within the borders of Mykolaiv Oblast."

Details: The collaborator wanted Mykolaiv Oblast to secede from Ukraine and for a so-called "MPR" to be set up. The separatist enclave was to have existed until Russia's military aggression in Ukraine was over. Then the plan was for the "MPR" to seek to become part of Russia.

The Russians had promised the collaborator an executive position in the "MPR" administration as a reward for his "work" if they managed to occupy the region.

Previously: A car belonging to a representative of the pro-Russian so-called oblast administration was blown up on 24 June in Russian-occupied Kherson. The representative is reported to have died.