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More Nazis and useful idiots: Ukrainian Security Service obtains access to FSB war manuals

Sunday, 5 June 2022, 12:46
More Nazis and useful idiots: Ukrainian Security Service obtains access to FSB war manuals


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reports that it has gained access to the Russian special services’ propaganda manuals on "proper coverage of the special operation" in Ukraine.

Source: SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtiarenko


Details: According to Dekhtiarenko, employees of the 5th Department of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) admit in their documents that the Russian population still does not understand why the war was the only possible way to "achieve the objectives of the Russian Federation". Therefore, the Russian special service is trying to find new arguments to explain this and justify the crimes of the Russian military.

In these manuals, the occupiers specify the consequences they are now faced with after the attack on Ukraine fairly accurately:

▪️ distrust of the Russian media, even in the Russian Federation itself

▪️ a high level of pacifism among Russian young people

▪️ a complete lack of Ukrainian support for the actions of the Russian invaders

To change the situation, the Russian special services believe they need to make more videos about so-called "hero liberators" (using, among other things, the narrative about "polite people" we have been familiar with since 2014 - ed.), rescuing animals, reuniting separated families, and so on.

"But the whole world has realised that the Russian army consists of rapists, looters and war criminals. This has been repeatedly confirmed by the invaders themselves in their conversations intercepted by the SBU, where they talk about torturing and shooting civilians, looting household appliances, and eating pet dogs," says Dekhtiarenko.

Another way of whitewashing the crimes of the Russian Federation using this manual is to invent so-called "success stories" in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and plans for their post-war reconstruction.

But first, the FSB is demanding that all Ukrainian TV channels should be switched off in these territories and Russian programmes should be broadcast with the ridiculous message "We are fighting for you, so as to transfer these territories to you later."

In order to spread the necessary narratives in the territories controlled by the Ukrainian government, the invaders plan to "launch new media projects and viable networks of agitators in the context of the ban on Russian television and radio broadcasting."

Direct quote from Dekhtiarenko: "It doesn't even occur to them that no amount of propaganda can change the attitude of Ukrainians towards the invaders. Because we have seen with our own eyes their ‘agitation’ with bombs and bullets.

Because the lies of the Russian Federation are weapons that have killed no fewer people than its missiles and shells."