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Ukraine’s Minister of Defence set out Ukraine's new weapons goals, including aircraft and air defence

Thursday, 9 June 2022, 12:55
Ukraine’s Minister of Defence set out Ukraine's new weapons goals, including aircraft and air defence


Ukraine’s Minister of Defence Reznikov set out what weapons Ukraine wants to get in the future: these include combat aircraft and air and missile defence systems.

Source: Oleksii Reznikov on Facebook


Details: According to the Minister, Ukraine’s goals in terms of armaments are as follows:

  •       Acquisition of a significant number of NATO-style MLRS and ammunition;
  •       Ensuring the complete replacement of some existing Soviet-style calibres (guns are worn out, shells are no longer produced or only very few) with NATO-standard platforms and equipped with ammunition;
  •       Agreement with partners on the transition to supplying not separate platforms, but integrated units that are immediately ready to perform combat tasks (organic unit). This will significantly increase efficiency on the battlefield;
  •       Involvement of hundreds of units of heavy armoured vehicles, without which an effective counterattack is impossible. "Soviet equipment is mostly outdated and needs to be returned to combat condition; we are still getting fairly light armour from our partners, not always with weapons," Reznikov explained."
  •       Acquisition of combat aircraft and air defence/missile defence systems to protect our skies.

Quote: "We have already received a significant number of weapons from our partners, purchased them on the market, manufactured them and handed them over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It would be enough for a victorious defence against any army in Europe. But not against Russia.

The Russian "Moloch" (deity to whom people were sacrificed – ed.) has many more tools in stock to devour human lives so as to satisfy his imperial ego.

Therefore, we emphasise that Ukraine desperately needs heavy weapons, and very quickly. We have proved that we have no fear of the Kremlin, unlike many others. But as a country, we cannot afford to bleed to death, losing our best sons and daughters."

Details: Reznikov cannot say that he is satisfied with the pace and quantity of arms supplies, but he is grateful to the countries that support Ukraine, and in particular, the United States, Great Britain, Poland, and the Baltic countries.

The Minister acknowledged that Ukrainian volunteers "through speed and flexibility" are successfully covering a number of important needs: "This applies to UAVs, communications equipment, and some other components that the state is not yet fully working on."

Quote: "The situation at the front is difficult. Every day, up to 100 of our soldiers are killed and up to 500 wounded . The Kremlin continues to push with its massive numbers, stumbles, is exposed to strong resistance, and is suffering huge losses. But so far it has had the strength to advance in certain parts of the front."