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Russian rockets hit Kharkiv and Toretsk, Russian forces capture Askania Nova Institute – Oblast Military Administrations

Tuesday, 12 July 2022, 09:03


On the night of 11-12 July Russian forces launched 2 rockets on Kharkiv, 3 on Toretsk and shelled the city of Sloviansk. In addition, the Russian Federation is planning to inspect and conduct a census in the occupied Sievierodonetsk. They have also seized the Askania Nova Institute in Kherson Oblast.

Source: Oblast Military Administrations as of 08:00 on Tuesday, 12 July


Details: Many civilians were killed and wounded in Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts as a result of Russian attacks. Forests and fields continue to burn in Kherson Oblast.

Kharkiv Oblast: On the night of 11-12 July, Russian occupying forces launched two rockets on the city of Kharkiv, which struck the ground between residential and administrative buildings. The site of the attack is being inspected.

Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration, said: "Last night, the enemy conducted another attack on Kharkiv. At 03:30, two rockets hit the ground between buildings in the Shevchenkivskyi district. There are no casualties."


Russian occupiers also shelled the Bohoduhiv, Izium and Kharkiv districts of Kharkiv Oblast.

A Russian shell hit a private house in the Zolochiv hromada [amalgamated territorial community - ed.], killing two men. Three civilians were injured and hospitalised in Derhachi.

7 civilians were killed and 34 injured in Kharkiv Oblast on 11 July as a result of Russian attacks.

Luhansk Oblast: Russian forces conducted 4 rocket, 8 artillery and 3 mortar strikes on the positions of Ukrainian troops on the administrative border between Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.

According to social media reports, the Russian occupation regime in Sievierodonetsk is conducting a census in the city. According to preliminary information, around 10,000 Sievierodonetsk residents remain in the city.

Sievierodonetsk occupation authorities and the "government" of the so-called Russian-controlled Luhansk People’s Republic have created a working group responsible for urgently inspecting Sievierodonetsk buildings.

Donetsk Oblast: Rescue operations in the city of Chasiv Yar continued throughout the night. Bodies of another several civilians killed in the Russian missile attack – including a nine-year-old boy – were retrieved from under the rubble.

As of now, 9 people have been rescued from under the debris of the five-storey residential building destroyed in a Russian missile attack on 9 July. Another 34 have been found dead (including a child), and the rescue operation is continuing.

On the morning of Tuesday, 12 July 3 Russian rockets hit Toretsk: one of the rockets hit a kindergarten, the targets of the other two are being confirmed.

Russian forces also shelled Sloviansk on the night of 11-12 July, hitting a private house.

1 person has sustained injuries.

Overall, 9 people were killed and 2 injured in Kharkiv Oblast on 11 July.

Mykolaiv Oblast: On the morning of 12 July, the city of Mykolaiv came under Russian attack. According to preliminary information, Russian rockets hit two hospitals as well as some residential buildings. 4 people were injured in the attacks, but there were no fatalities. Detailed information is being confirmed.

On the night of 11 July and at around 04:30 on Tuesday, 12 July Russian forces shelled the Shyroke hromada of the Bashtanka district, hitting for the most part open territories outside of villages and towns. There are no casualties.

Russian forces continue to fire along the demarcation line in Bereznehuvate hromada, where information about casualties and fatalities is being confirmed.

In the Mykolaiv district, a private farm, agricultural equipment and a residential building were damaged as a result of a Russian shelling of the village of Pervomaiske in the Pervomaiske hromada. There are no casualties.

Kherson Oblast: Forests and fields are on fire as a result of Russian shellings. As many as 75 fires have taken place since the beginning of July, covering the area of almost 300,000 hectares. The situation is critical in the Beryslav district and in towns and villages on the border of Kherson Oblast and other Ukrainian oblasts.

Russian collaborators are being appointed to new positions in the Kherson Oblast occupation regime. Russians also continue to seize cultural and educational establishments across the oblast. A steppe research institute in the Askania Nova nature reserve has been seized most recently.

Overall, the situation in Kherson Oblast is critical.

Background: The Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Cattle-Breeding for the Steppe Region (named after M.F. Ivanov) is situated in the town of Askania Nova in the Chaplynka district of Kherson Oblast.