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In Mariupol, the situation with drinking water and exhumation is worsening; residents are afraid of "nationalisation" – Andriushchenko

Wednesday, 20 July 2022, 12:33
In Mariupol, the situation with drinking water and exhumation is worsening; residents are afraid of nationalisation – Andriushchenko


In occupied Mariupol, the situation with the drinking water supply and the exhumation of bodies has worsened, but the Russians are preparing a port for grain export and scaring the population with prospects of "nationalisation" of property.

Source: adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko


Quote from Andriushchenko: "Problems with the delivery of drinking water to residents of the Livoberezhnyi District have started again. Daily queues of 4-5 hours, and the number of large water tanks has been reduced by one-third. The containers were taken to Hurov Park to celebrate Metallurgists’ Day, and eventually left there. Residents of remote places of the Kalmiuskyi district (Volentrivka) remain without water supply in any form."

Details: Andriushchenko also said that the exhumation of bodies has been completely stopped: now the invaders say outright that the exhumation is only for money. 

In his view, the Russian invaders are turning the attempt to solve the problems of Mariupol residents into a "business", while improvised cemeteries are growing.


"The port is being prepared at an accelerated pace to receive transshipments of grain from the crops stolen by the Russians. They are trying to launch the operation of the grain terminal," Andriushchenko also said.

He also noted that the mayor of the city announced that the real number of residents of Mariupol is 130,000 people, and the overseer from Russia, Dmytro Sablin, has overestimated this figure to 234,368 people in order to steal from the Russian budget.

"Most of all, [this exaggerated figure] defeats the occupiers’ claim that it has ‘restored all’ connections of apartment buildings to the electrical grid. In no area of the city where the lights were turned on does the number of residents exceed 10-15% of all residents. This corresponds to the calculations of the Mariupol City Council," Andriushchenko said.

In his opinion, the figures announced by Sablin indicate that "humanitarian aid will decrease due to theft, and money, together with building materials, will not have time to reach the pockets of citizens, but will remain in the wallets of the invaders."

At the same time, Andriushchenko advised people not to pay attention to the statements of the occupiers regarding "nationalisation of real estate", because "all decisions taken by the occupying authorities are illegal." Making a trip to Mariupol to "legalise" housing does not guarantee that the latter will not be settled by strangers, but it can lead to the risk of not being able to return to Ukraine, being "mobilised" for war, and so on.

Andriushchenko assured residents that any property losses are temporary, and that after victory, a mechanism will be set up that allows you to receive ‘full compensation from the invaders for everything lost.’