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Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: death toll rises to 13

Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 09:35
Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: death toll rises to 13


On the night of 9 August, Russian forces attacked Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, killing 11 civilians and injuring another 13.

Source: Valentyn Reznichenko, Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram


Quote: "It was a tragic night…The Russian army has killed 11 civilians in the Nikopol district and injured another 13."


At 9:16 Reznichenko said the death toll had risen from 11 to 13 - two wounded were killed by Russian forces shelling at the Marhanets hospital.

"The Russian occupying forces have twice used Grads [multiple-launch rocket systems - ed.] to fire on the district, launching 80 rockets on residential neighbourhoods. This was a deliberate and ruthless attack on civilians who were sleeping in their homes."

Details: Russian forces also attacked the city of Marhanets and the Myrove hromada (amalgamated territorial community) in the Nikopol district.

12 civilians died, another 9 were wounded in Marhanets.

Lukashuk clarified that about 40  shells from RussianMultiple-Launch Rocket Systems had arrived in Marhanets - the occupiers were shelling in the city centre.


Ten people have been killed in Marhanets, another 11 have been injured. Ten have been hospitalised, including 7 in critical condition.

Over 20 high-rise [apartment] buildings have been damaged in the city – as well as an Administrative Services Centre, a community hall, a dormitory, two schools, the premises of the City Council and several other administrative buildings.

A power line was damaged, leaving several thousand residents of Marhanets without power. Emergency workers are restoring the damaged power line.


A woman has been killed in Vyshchetarasivka (Myrove hromada): a Russian strike has razed her house to the ground. A married couple has been injured: the woman has been hospitalised with injuries and is in moderate condition, and her husband is being treated in their home.


In addition, 11 private houses and a gas pipeline have been damaged in the village; and around 1,000 people have had their gas supply cut off.

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