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The Russians hit Zhytomyr Region with rockets: two explosions occur

Tuesday, 16 August 2022, 13:33


The Russians have launched a rocket attack on Zhytomyr Oblast; two explosions have been recorded in the Zhytomyr district.

Source: Vitalii Bunechko, head of Zhytomyr Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram


Quote: "Two explosions resulting from a rocket attack have been confirmed in Zhytomyr district."

Details: Bunechko added that, according to preliminary information, the rockets were launched from the territory of Belarus.

At 15:51 Bunechko reported that there were no casualties as a result of Russia’s rocket attack.

Readers of reported that explosions were heard near Zhytomyr.

An air-raid siren was sounded in Zhytomyr Oblast at 12:58. Almost simultaneously with this, sirens were sounded in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, as well as in Rivne and Volyn oblasts.

The air-raid siren lasted for an hour, but as soon as the all-clear sounded, it started up again in the central and western oblasts of Ukraine. The second time in Zhytomyr Oblast lasted half an hour, until 14:31.

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