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Zelenskyy on visas for Russian citizens: If Europe fails to listen, its peace will be under threat

Wednesday, 31 August 2022, 23:35
Zelenskyy on visas for Russian citizens: If Europe fails to listen, its peace will be under threat


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that if Europe becomes "morally deaf" and fails to heed the pleas to limit visas for Russian citizens, "there will no longer be a peaceful Europe".

Source: President Zelenskyy’s video address


Zelenskyy emphasized that "the issue of limiting European visas for Russian citizens must be finally resolved".

Quote: "I think it is humiliating for Europe when it is considered as just one big boutique or restaurant. Europe is primarily a territory of values, not of primitive consumption. When the citizens of the state that wants to destroy European values rely on Europe for their entertainment or shopping, for the vacations of their mistresses while they themselves work in the interests of the war, or simply to silently wait out Russia’s present fall to immorality – this is completely contrary to everything that unites Europe in the first place.

The European Union was intended to maintain peace on the continent and to work on the peaceful and democratic development of European countries. Europe cannot become morally deaf. And none of the European leaders will be able to claim that why they can’t smell the money is just an after-effect of Covid-19.

Because if [Europe manifests] such [moral] deafness, if it has lost its ability to distinguish the smell of blood on its banknotes, there will no longer be Europe, there will no longer be a peaceful Europe."

Details: President Zelenskyy also thanked all European citizens who understand that "during war, it is the duty of any normal person to fight in order to defeat the aggressor, in order to end the occupation, and to make the Russian military leave Ukrainian land."

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