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More than 1,000 civilians have died in Izium and 80% of infrastructure is destroyed – city councillor 

Monday, 12 September 2022, 16:40
More than 1,000 civilians have died in Izium and 80% of infrastructure is destroyed – city councillor 


At least a thousand civilians died while under Russian occupation in Izium, Kharkiv Oblast, and 80% of the city's infrastructure has been destroyed.

Source: Maksym Strelnikov, a member of Izium City Council, at a briefing at Media Centre Ukraine - Ukrinform


Quote from Strelnikov: "On 10 September, the blue and yellow flag of Ukraine was hoisted in Izium again, thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now it is appearing on all the houses, on city council premises, and on the highest point in Kharkiv Oblast - Kremianets Mountain...

The Armed Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies are currently carrying out stabilisation measures in Izium, so that the government and the General Staff [of the Armed Forces of Ukraine] could officially announce this good news which we have been waiting for for so long."

Details: Strelnikov said that the effect of the war on the city of Izium had been devastating.

"As Valerii Marchenko, the Mayor of Izium, noted, more than 80% of the city's entire infrastructure has been destroyed, including private houses and apartment buildings, and enterprises, state institutions, city-owned facilities, as well as industrial facilities. This is true. Unfortunately, the city has been destroyed. The worst thing is that winter is ahead, and the central heating system has been destroyed," he added.

The councillor emphasised that the authorities need to solve this problem as soon as possible.

According to preliminary data, despite the "quiet evacuation", there are still about 10,000 people living in Izium. Strelnikov hopes that the authorities will have time to "do all they need to do so that winter does not catch us off guard."

Hospitals and medicine are also needed.

Information on the number of casualties among the civilian population still needs to be confirmed.

Quote: "According to the information we have, at least a thousand local residents died as a result of the hostilities, but even more people suffered because they did not get timely medical assistance, since the Russian occupiers destroyed all the healthcare facilities in Izium back in March. They were not functioning. Access to medicine was limited. Russian occupiers and marauders looted all the pharmacies.

Therefore, the issues of medication for residents, and hospitalisation for those who need urgent medical care, are very acute. These issues are the top priority."

Background: The city of Izium in Kharkiv Oblast has been occupied by Russian troops since 2 April 2022. The Russians withdrew from it on 10 September, leaving behind military equipment.

Izium was badly damaged during the fighting. It has no electricity, water or gas.

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