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Russians loot hospitals in Kharkiv Oblast losses of equipment are at 95%

Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 21:45

TUESDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2022, 21:45

Russian soldiers damaged and took a lot of medical equipment from hospitals that were occupied [in Kharkiv Oblast.]

Source: Maksym Khaustov, Director of the Department of Health in Kharkiv Oblast, on Ukrainske Radio Kharkiv, cited by Suspilne


Quote: "Many establishments are destroyed; we are examining other buildings, community clinics in order to bring some equipment there. Unfortunately, Russian troops have destroyed a lot of equipment, or took it with them. We estimate losses of equipment to be approximately 95%."

Details: According to Khaustov, residents of liberated Kupiansk, Strilecha, Velykyi Burluk and Vovchansk need the most medical and psychological assistance. 

Khaustov said that a hospital had been damaged in Vovchansk in Kharkiv Oblast, and occupiers had stolen a medics’ car there. Occupiers also had looted a dispensary in Bilyi Kolodiaz of Vovchansk hromada [amalgamated territorial community - an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories]. The windows in intensive care and paediatric ICU premises, as well as in Balakliia Central District Hospital, are shattered.

Quote: "At the moment, medical brigades are already working in the recently liberated territories where there is no shelling risk. Medical assistance is coming; the medical system is starting to operate, too. A lot of questions have arisen: [ranging from] diabetes to simply psychological help that is needed. We are providing it."

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