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Defence Minister: Dragging Belarus into the war would mean including a third lend-lease for Ukraine

Thursday, 29 September 2022, 21:26
Defence Minister: Dragging Belarus into the war would mean including a third lend-lease for Ukraine


The defence minister of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov believes that Belarusian soldiers have no motivation to enter the war with Ukraine, and if ordered by their authorities to fight, they would lay down their weapons.

Source: Reznikov in comments for hromadske and Babel on Thursday


Details: In Reznikov’s opinion, the level of propaganda in Belarus is much lower than in Russia, so "the brainwashing effect is less."

Quote from Reznikov: "I don't understand what would motivate Belarusians to consciously go to war with Ukraine, kill and die for no one knows what, even if they are officers who are under oath obliged to follow orders. If they go on the attack with their units, they could cross the Belarusian border, raise their hands, lay down their weapons and say, ‘Ukrainians, we are your syabry. [Belarusians] are not your enemies.’"

More details: According to the defence minister, Belarus' entry into the war would mean, "just start the third lend-lease for the Ukrainians and give us [Ukrainians] Belarusian weapons this time."

"Therefore, let's just say there is a risk, but I would not overestimate it. It seems to me that the head of Belarus is looking for a balance. On the one hand, he needs to show his patron [Vladimir Putin] that he is somehow with him. But on the other hand, [President Aleksandr] Lukashenko understands that this may also be his final end," Reznikov added.

At the same time, he noted that the danger of an offensive from Belarus "always exists", since the Ukrainian-Belarusian border reaches 1,200 km and in February there was already an invasion from here by Russian troops. However, it was not recorded that "a large number of Belarusian soldiers" participated in the war.

"In some unconfirmed cases, in the Chernihiv region, the local population heard in the first few days of the invasion that soldiers in Russian uniforms spoke with an accent very similar to Belarusian. That is, it is possible that some small units of Belarusians were in Russian uniforms. But then they disappeared. We do not have any other evidence of the Belarusian military personnel," Reznikov said.

However, the minister stressed that if anything happens, Ukraine is ready to repel another invasion from Belarus.

"Our Armed Forces, the Security and Defense Sector, Border Guards, and the National Guard, we are all ready. There [on the border with Belarus — ed.] are our units. Moreover, we have already passed this invasion attempt. We know where, how, when and what spots," he assured.

Reznikov noted that the Ukrainian-Belarusian border "is mostly not available for a free walk." According to him, there are specific places where you can cross the border, but they are "absolutely known" to Ukraine and are under fire control.

Background: Earlier, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine reported that places are being prepared in Belarus for the accommodation of 20,000 people conscripted by the Russian Federation.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine states that the Belarusian military airfields and railways prepare for arriving troops.

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