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Russia photoshops a Ukrainian passport for new fake about Crimean Bridge "terrorist attack"

Tuesday, 11 October 2022, 20:30


Russians have created an image of a passport of a Ukrainian citizen named Semen Khaidenko in a photo editor in order to persuade people that Ukraine is behind the Crimean Bridge explosion. A Ukrainian media outlet Detector media points out that it is fake.

Source: Detector media


Quote: "Fake: Russia has identified the man who committed ‘a terrorist attack’ on the Crimean Bridge. He turned out to be a Ukrainian. This lie is being spread in social media, a photo of his passport is attached to it."


Details: In reality, the photo of "the terrorist’s" passport was fabricated with help of photo editing software – the stock image itself was pulled from Wikipedia, where features as an example of an ID card (a Ukrainian passport). 

Authors of this fake have changed only the name, the picture and the sex; all other details of the document were unchanged from Wikipedia.


Additionally, they have added what are allegedly blood stains and damage, which are apparently "a result of the terrorist attack".

The same image has been used for a fake Twitter account, Detector media added.

Quote: "In fact, there is no real proof of Ukraine being involved in the explosion on the Crimean Bridge. The Ukrainian government has also denied any accusations regarding this."

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