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Russian Foreign Ministry announces conversion of Belarusian Su-25 aircraft to carry nuclear weapons

Saturday, 15 October 2022, 13:04


Russia is to transfer dual-capable Iskander-M missile systems to Belarus and convert some Belarusian Su-25 aircraft to enable them to carry nuclear weapons.


Source: European Pravda, with reference to the Russian agency RIA Novosti, which quotes Konstantin Vorontsov, deputy head of the Russian delegation at a meeting of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly 

"At this stage, we are talking solely about the transfer of dual-capable Iskander-M missile systems with conventional missiles to the Republic of Belarus, as well as giving some Belarusian Su-25 aircraft the technical ability to carry nuclear weapons. However, the transfer of technologies for converting aircraft into nuclear weapons carriers to Belarus is not envisaged," the Russian diplomat said.

Vorontsov said such actions were justified by the "possible advancement of NATO nuclear infrastructure to the east".

"In particular, Poland has been saying for several years now that it wants to be fully involved in joint nuclear missions. Recently, Warsaw's activity in this direction has dramatically increased. This, of course, was taken into account by Russia and Belarus when considering countermeasures," Vorontsov said.

At the same time, he added that currently "there are no plans to physically equip Belarusian systems with nuclear warheads or to move such warheads through Belarusian territory".

Reminder: In late August, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, 

hinted at the possible conversion of Su-24 aircraft to carry nuclear weapons. However, the Su-24 aircraft mentioned by Lukashenko were decommissioned in Belarus in 2012 because they had come to the end of their operational life, and mass production of these aircraft ended in 1993.

Back in March, Lukashenko insisted that Belarus would not deploy nuclear weapons and had never had any plans to do so.

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