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Danilov: Russia enters strategic zugzwang phase of the war, every step bringing it closer to the end

Sunday, 16 October 2022, 15:10
Danilov: Russia enters strategic zugzwang phase of the war, every step bringing it closer to the end


Oleksii Danilov, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, believes that Russia entered the strategic zugzwang [a term derived from chess - ed.] phase of the war, where every move worsens its situation and brings it closer to the end.

Source: Danilov on Facebook


Details: Danilov provides 5 arguments to support his opinion.

First, Putin’s mobilisation has prompted over 500,000 Russians to flee the country and led to political destabilisation in Russia.

Second, the attempt to annex Ukrainian territories was met with a degree of unity unprecedented in the history of the UN in its support for Ukraine and condemnation of Russia (one of the latest signs of this is the UN General Assembly vote on 12.10.2022).


Third, Putin’s nuclear blackmail has resulted in a complete reboot and modernisation of NATO’s structures, as well as a budget increase, rearmament, readiness and capability to give an immediate harsh response (annual nuclear deterrence exercise "Steadfast Noon", 17.10.2022).

As a result of its nuclear blackmail, Russia may also lose influential partners such as India and China.

Fourth, Russian missile attacks on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, on other Ukrainian cities and on critical infrastructure has accelerated the process of supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine with modern air defence systems by Ukraine’s partners (Ramstein-6 meeting, 12.10.2022).

Quote: "And most importantly, the aggressive war started with the aim of destroying Ukraine has led to the formation of a single Ukrainian political nation which is growing ever stronger, while the unity of the Russian pseudo-federation is dissolving and entering a stage of semi-decay".

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