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Reznikov to Russian officers: You can still save Russia from tragedy

Friday, 7 October 2022, 08:38
Reznikov to Russian officers: You can still save Russia from tragedy


Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, has appealed to Russian servicemen not to waste time and save Russia from tragedy, and the Russian army from humiliation. He has stated that the leadership of the Russian Federation deceived and betrayed the soldiers, sending them to die for the illusory goals of Vladimir Putin.

Source: Oleksii Reznikov's video address, recorded in the Russian language


Quote: "This is a message from Kyiv. My name is Oleksii Reznikov. I am the Minister of Defence of Ukraine. I am addressing the soldiers and sailors, sergeants and foremen, midshipmen, officers, generals and admirals of the Russian army. I was not mistaken. I am addressing the Russian army. First of all, my words are addressed to the officers and the command. Because it is up to you to make the decisions."

Details: Reznikov has stated that the Ukrainians are defending themselves when the Russians are burying their comrades in arms.

"Your paratroopers are now dying on the right bank of the Dnieper. They know their business. But someone in the Kremlin decided to send them to their death," he said.

Quote: "You were deceived and betrayed. You were promised an easy ride, but sent into a trap. You pay in blood for someone's fantasies and false goals.

Now they don't listen to you. Because listening to you now means admitting mistakes. And Moscow authorities don't like the truth. It's easier to tell them how you died heroically in a battle with fictitious NATO hordes (...)

Many of you have already realised that you had been sent to die for the wrong cause. Maybe that's why your (president — ed.) is hiding in a bunker, rather than keeping the hit close to you? He fears your insight, your contempt, and your righteous anger."

Details: Reznikov has emphasised that the Russian military does not "liberate" anyone in Ukraine, but destroys entire cities, where very recently they had been considered good neighbours and where people had spoken Russian.

And now the enmity has begun for the next few generations.

The Minister asked a rhetorical question about how history will remember those who came to fight in Ukraine: "Like those who fought under the flag with "Z"? You will be remembered as thieves, rapists and murderers."

"I will tell you what will happen next. Thousands of Russian boys will die. Even more will be left without arms and legs. But they will be disgraced. And you will be made guilty. And they will betray again. As they have already betrayed more than once," Reznikov said.

The Russian command has already understood that they are "trapped with war" and will do everything to blame "their miscalculations, their thefts" on their subordinates.

"After the war, it will be you who will look into the eyes of the crippled, widows and orphans of your soldiers. Because everyone from the Kremlin will ignore them. You will have to live next to those who are now fleeing in droves from the mobilisation to Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and even Mongolia. And they will be sure that they did the right thing," the Minister emphasised.

Reznikov has stated that "Ukrainians do not need Russian land", they have enough of their own.

Quote: "We guarantee life, safety and justice to all who refuse to fight immediately.

And we will achieve a tribunal for those who gave the criminal orders.

You can still save Russia from tragedy, and the Russian army from humiliation. But time passes. Don't waste it."

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