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Ukraine has repelled 1,300 cyberattacks during 8 months of war with Russia

Wednesday, 16 November 2022, 10:22
Ukraine has repelled 1,300 cyberattacks during 8 months of war with Russia

During the 8 months of the full-scale war with Russia, 1,300 enemy cyberattacks have been repelled by Ukraine, and it still has something to offer the world in the field of cybersecurity, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced.

Source: the president’s speech during the participation in the "Digital Transformation" panel within the G20 summit, President's Office of Ukraine

Quote: "I urge you to look at today's panel of our Digital Transformation Summit from a security perspective. This will be a timely look.


Dear leaders, you now clearly see what modern war is. Today, it is impossible to imagine life without computer networks, high-speed communication, the Internet, and even more so, without electricity. But your enemies may try to deprive you of just that".

Details: Zelenskyy has advised that leaders of the G20, which he calls the G19 (without Russia) take Ukrainian defence experience in order to guarantee the safety of their people.

The President has recalled that Ukraine created an IT army that prevails in cyberspace. According to him, the best specialists and companies of Ukraine have united to protect the state.

Quote: "We repelled more than 1,300 cyberattacks during the 8 months of the Russian war. In the first week of the invasion, Russia destroyed a key data centre of our country, and the solution in response is the "clouds" where we moved part of the information systems to.

We have come up with protection of public registers. We have preserved the digital resilience of banks. Thanks to digitisation, we can quickly organise social payments to those affected by hostilities".

Details: Zelenskyy has added that millions of Ukrainians use Diia app every day; it provides people with more than 100 public services without the need to contact officials. 

"A digital passport, opening accounts, paying fines and taxes, receiving state aid, raising funds to support the army... All this is Ukrainian Diia. If you or your allies and partners do not already have such a system and such digital protection, we will be happy to help you build them!", Zelenskyy emphasised.

He has also underscored that cyber defence, the stability of institutions, reliable communication, including satellite communication, are also the result of cooperation. 

Zelesnkyy urged all parties to put aside disputes and develop collective efforts for global peace.
"The G19 can be very successful in this! Ukraine is willing to help. Our security experience is your security experience", he has noted.

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