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If we dont support Ukraine, war will come to us Polish Prime Minister on the missile crash in Przewodów

Friday, 18 November 2022, 19:50

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime-Minister of Poland, believes that the missile crash in the village of Przewodów proves that if Ukraine does not get more support, the war will spread to the territory of Poland.

Source: Morawiecki in a weekly podcast, as reported by European Pravda, citing Polskie Radio Lublin

The Polish prime minister reminded the public that the incident in Przewodów was not the first critical situation, giving as an example the immigrants who attempted to climb over the Polish-Belorusian border last year.


"We do not know for sure the exact circumstances or reasons for the incident in Przewodów, but we do know the root cause, the main cause, which is Russian aggression against Ukraine", Morawiecki stressed.

He added that "today there is only one way to drag Poland into the war, namely, to turn one’s back on Ukraine", since in that case Ukraine will sooner or later "become critically dependent on Russia."

"If Ukraine becomes dependent, we will not even need to do anything to provoke war – it will come to us by itself. Putin will not stop, the Kremlin will go further. Being passive is suicide for us", Morawiecki stated.

He remarked that Poland is ready for incidents such as the one in Przewodów, and "has responses" to different possibilities of a hybrid war Russia may wage against Poland.

On 16 November, Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, stated that the explosions in the east of Poland were the result of an accident, and that Warsaw does not consider the missile crash an attack on the country, since it was likely launched by the Ukrainian air defence.

He added that he accepts the condolences of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, who insisted that Ukraine was not involved in the missile crash in the village of Przewodów on Tuesday, 15 November, which killed two people.

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